Welcome To Atlanta! (Where The Players Play)


Pursuing the best vintage items takes me across the country and puts me in some pretty interesting places. Just as I was finalizing a nationwide, summer long tour of buying & popups for 2020; the COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it. Traveling anywhere and pulling off a successful popup/buying trip in the midst of a pandemic obviously presents a number of challenges that requires careful planning and forethought.

Setting up at Vintage Connectcon was an incredible experience! Since I was coming from so far away, it was a blast to meet so many new people and check out inventory I have never explored before! These events often become impromptu business conventions too. In the world of vintage, there is very little formality. This is the place to take opportunities to introduce yourself, vibe with someone and establish a business relationship.

The most exciting part of any trip is coming back with new items. Here are my top three hauls from Atlanta


3) NFL Jerseys x20 – This lot is well timed to say the least. Included are a smorgasbord of studs from the 2000s that include Sapp, Ray Lewis, Devin Hester & Plaxico Burress, but also some obscurities and forgotten names like Ron Dayne, Josh Cribbs and Mark Sanchez.


2) 1950s Champion “Running Man” sweatshirt – Items made by Champion Sportswear from this era are very sought after by vintage collectors. Known as a “Running Man” among vintage heads because the logo used by Champion at the time is proudly featured on the size tag. Champion set the standard for athletic wear in the early 20thcentury.


1) Kurt Cobain Memorial Tee 1994 – In the world of vintage, anything Nirvana related speaks for itself. I’m always looking to add the best of the best to my inventory. Stop by the store soon to get cash or trade credit for your collection!