Are You Ready For Some Football?!


I can hear the unanimous answer of “YES” being yelled at your computer screens, and I greatly appreciate it. The offseason hype has been stronger than ever as we approach this season, and we are only one day away from the opening matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. There is certainly no shortage of storylines to follow in Week 1 whether it be  Brady vs Brees, Cleveland Vs Baltimore,Mr. Unlimited Russell Wilson, Dak & Zeke, or our personal favorite- cheering on Cam Newton in the New England offense. No matter what team you’re rooting for, I’ve got you covered with jerseys, hats, crewnecks and plenty of other official team merchandise. The Felt Fanatic stash has endless vintage classics, as well as the current stars lighting up the gridiron. Today is not only NFL eve but WEBSITE WEDNESDAY. Check out the latest drop which includes ballin football gear as well as other fresh finds. Check out the Full Felt Fanatic Shop here for more! Let the games begin!